The sympathetic nervous system is one of the two divisions of the vertebrate autonomic nervous system (the other being the parasympathetic nervous system). The sympathetic preganglionic neurons have their cell bodies in the thoracic and lumbar regions of the spinal cord and connect to the paravertebral chain of sympathetic ganglia. Innervate heart and blood vessels, sweat glands, viscera and the adrenal medulla. Most sympathetic neurons, but not all, use noradrenaline as a post-ganglionic neurotransmitter [GO]. [ ]

Synonyms: sympathetic nervous system sympathetic part of autonomic division of nervous system pars sympathica divisionis autonomici systematis nervosi

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pars sympathica divisionis autonomici systematis nervosi [ FMA:9906 FMA:TA ]

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pars sympathica divisionis autonomici systematis nervosi [ ]

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Part of the autonomic nervous system which has opposing physiological effects of the parasympathetic nervous system. Examples include increasing the heart rate or constricting the blood vessels.[AAO]
The part of the autonomic nervous system which chiefly contains adrenergic fibres and tends to control and reduce secretions, decrease the contractility and hence the tone of smooth muscles and provoke the contraction of blood vessels. Essentially, it consists of preganglionic fibres from the thoracic and upper lumbar parts of the spinal cord. These fibres, by means of delicate rami communicantes, cross over to ganglia sited in a pair of ganglionated cords on each side of the vertebral column or to more peripheral ganglia. [Dorian_AF, Elsevier's_encyclopaedic_dictionary_of_medicine, Part_B:_Anatomy_(1988)_Amsterdam_etc.:_Elsevier][VHOG]

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pars sympathica divisionis autonomici systematis nervosi

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The autonomic nervous system is composed of three divisions: the sympathetic division, the parasympathetic division, and the enteric division. (...) In ray-finned teleost fishes, a sympathetic chain is present, and dual innervation of additional organs can be observed. A similar pattern can be found in amphibians (...). The evolution of the autonomic nervous system has been quite conservative, especially in the tetrapod lineage.[well established][VHOG]