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A directive information entity with action specifications and objective specifications as parts that, when concretized, is realized in a process in which the bearer tries to achieve the objectives by taking the actions specified.

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Term information

IAO 0000114
IAO 0000116
  • 2014-03-31: A plan specification can have other parts, such as conditional specifications.
  • 2009-03-16: provenance: a term a plan was proposed for OBI (OBI_0000344) , edited by the PlanAndPlannedProcess branch. Original definition was " a plan is a specification of a process that is realized by an actor to achieve the objective specified as part of the plan". It has been subsequently moved to IAO where the objective for which the original term was defined was satisfied with the definitionof this, different, term.
  • Alternative previous definition: a plan is a set of instructions that specify how an objective should be achieved
  • 2/3/2009 Comment from OBI review. Action specification not well enough specified. Conditional specification not well enough specified. Question whether all plan specifications have objective specifications. Request that IAO either clarify these or change definitions not to use them
definition source
  • OBI_0000344
  • OBI Plan and Planned Process branch
editor preferred term
  • plan specification
example of usage
  • PMID: 18323827.Nat Med. 2008 Mar;14(3):226.New plan proposed to help resolve conflicting medical advice.
term editor
  • Alan Ruttenberg