Bioinformatics operations, data types, formats, identifiers and topics

The Software Ontology (SWO) is a resource for describing software tools, their types, tasks, versions, provenance and associated data. It contains detailed information on licensing and formats as well as software applications themselves, mainly (but not limited) to the bioinformatics community.

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EDAM editors: Jon Ison, Matus Kalas, and Herve Menager. Contributors: Inge Jonassen, Dan Bolser, Hamish McWilliam, Mahmut Uludag, James Malone, Rodrigo Lopez, Steve Pettifer, and Peter Rice. Contibutions from these projects: EMBRACE, ELIXIR, and BioMedBridges (EU); EMBOSS (BBSRC, UK); eSysbio, FUGE Bioinformatics Platform, and ELIXIR.NO/Norwegian Bioinformatics Platform (Research Council of Norway). See http://edamontology.org for documentation and licence.

EDAM is an ontology of well established, familiar concepts that are prevalent within bioinformatics, including types of data and data identifiers, data formats, operations and topics. EDAM is a simple ontology - essentially a set of terms with synonyms and definitions - organised into an intuitive hierarchy for convenient use by curators, software developers and end-users. EDAM is suitable for large-scale semantic annotations and categorisation of diverse bioinformatics resources. EDAM is also suitable for diverse application including for example within workbenches and workflow-management systems, software distributions, and resource registries.


EDAM_data http://edamontology.org/data_ "EDAM types of data"

EDAM_format http://edamontology.org/format_ "EDAM data formats"

EDAM http://edamontology.org/ "EDAM relations and concept properties"

EDAM_operation http://edamontology.org/operation_ "EDAM operations"

EDAM_topic http://edamontology.org/topic_ "EDAM topics"


topics "EDAM topics"

operations "EDAM operations"

data "EDAM types of data"

formats "EDAM data formats"

edam "EDAM"

concept_properties "EDAM concept properties"

identifiers "EDAM types of identifiers"

relations "EDAM relations"




The Software Ontology (SWO) is a resource for describing software tools, their types, tasks, versions, provenance and associated data. It contains SWO-specific classes and axioms as well as imported information from a variety of sources including OBI, IAO, BFO and EDAM. Please note that EDAM is imported as a whole and as such, some comments in the ontology header directly relate to EDAM only.

Date of release: 1 February 2017

SWO and EDAM include some terms released under CC-BY license from the OBO Foundry. We acknowledge those with the use of the OBO PURLs were appropriate. Some of the definitions have been modified from the original; for the latest original definition please visit the URI.




Jon Ison, Matus Kalas, Hervé Ménager

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