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Austin Meier

Chris Mungall

David Osumi-Sutherland

Marie Angelique Laporte


r 'realized in response to' s iff, r is a realizable (e.g. a plant trait such as responsivity to drought), s is an environmental stimulus (a process), and s directly causes the realization of r.

example of usage

A drought sensitivity trait that inheres in a whole plant is realized in a systemic response process in response to exposure to drought conditions.

Environmental polymorphism in butterflies: These butterflies have a 'responsivity to day length trait' that is realized in response to the duration of the day, and is realized in developmental processes that lead to increased or decreased pigmentation in the adult morph.

An inflammatory disease that is realized in response to an inflammatory process occurring in the gut (which is itself the realization of a process realized in response to harmful stimuli in the mucosal lining of th gut)

has exact synonym

triggered by process


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