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curator note

Note that this relationship type, and sub-relationship types may be redundant with process terms from other ontologies. For example, the symbiotic relationship hierarchy parallels GO. The relations are provided as a convenient shortcut. Consider using the more expressive processual form to capture your data. In the future, these relations will be linked to their cognate processes through rules.


A relationship that holds between two entities in which the processes executed by the two entities are causally connected.

editor note

This relation and all sub-relations can be applied to either (1) pairs of entities that are interacting at any moment of time (2) populations or species of entity whose members have the disposition to interact (3) classes whose members have the disposition to interact.

Considering relabeling as 'pairwise interacts with'

has exact synonym

in pairwise interaction with


term editor

Chris Mungall

Property relations