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alternative term

adapted for living in


A population of xs will possess adaptations (either evolved naturally or via artifical selection) which permit it to exist and grow in y.


x 'has habitat' y if and only if: x is an organism, y is a habitat, and y can sustain and allow the growth of a population of xs.

example of usage

Hydrozoa (NCBITaxon_6074) SubClassOf 'has habitat' some 'Hydrozoa habitat' where 'Hydrozoa habitat' SubClassOf overlaps some ('marine environment' (ENVO_00000569) and 'freshwater environment' (ENVO_01000306) and 'wetland' (ENVO_00000043)) and 'has part' some (freshwater (ENVO_00002011) or 'sea water' (ENVO_00002149)) --

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