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Property information


The SPARQL expansion for this relation introduces new named classes into the ontology. For this reason it is likely that the expansion should only be performed during a QC pipeline; the expanded output should usually not be included in a published version of the ontology.

defined by construct

PREFIX rdfs: <> PREFIX owl: <> PREFIX in_taxon: <> PREFIX present_in_taxon: <> CONSTRUCT { in_taxon: a owl:ObjectProperty . ?witness rdfs:label ?label . ?witness rdfs:subClassOf ?x . ?witness rdfs:subClassOf [ a owl:Restriction ; owl:onProperty in_taxon: ; owl:someValuesFrom ?taxon ] . } WHERE { ?x present_in_taxon: ?taxon . BIND(IRI(CONCAT( "", MD5(STR(?x)), "-", MD5(STR(?taxon)) )) as ?witness) BIND(CONCAT(STR(?x), " in taxon ", STR(?taxon)) AS ?label) }


S present_in_taxon T if some instance of T has some S. This does not means that all instances of T have an S - it may only be certain life stages or sexes that have S

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