alanine--tRNA ligase, cytoplasmic isoform 1 methylated 1 (mouse)

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An alanine--tRNA ligase, cytoplasmic isoform 1 (mouse) that has been methylated at the position equivalent to Lys-943 of the amino acid sequence represented by UniProtKB:Q8BGQ7-1. UniProtKB:Q8BGQ7-1, Lys-943, MOD:00663. [ PRO:HJD PRO:KER ]

Synonyms: mAARS1/iso:1/Me:1

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Term information


Category=organism-modification. Evidence=(ECO:0000006, based on PMID:32611769). Methylase=("Mettl21c"; PR:Q8BLU2; Lys-943).

has narrow synonym

UniProtKB:Q8BGQ7-1, Lys-943, MOD:00663