Streptococcal toxic-shock syndrome (streptococcal TSS) is an acute disease mediated by the production of superantigenic toxins characterized by the sudden onset of fever and other febrile symptoms, pain, multisystem organ involvement and potentially leading to coma, shock and death due to a <i>Streptococcus pyogenes</i> infection.


Streptococcal TSS

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  • ICD-10:A48.3 (- NTBT (ORPHA code's Narrower Term maps to a Broader Term). - Attributed (The ICD10 code is attributed by Orphanet).)
  • MedDRA:10044251 (E (Exact mapping: the two concepts are equivalent))
  • UMLS:C0343532 (E (Exact mapping: the two concepts are equivalent))
  • UMLS:C0343532
  • ICD-10:A48.3
  • MedDRA:10044251
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  • ORPHA:99918
  • Etiological subtype
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