Granular corneal dystrophy type I

^ http://www.orpha.net/ORDO/Orphanet_98962

Type I granular corneal dystrophy (GCDI) is a rare form of stromal corneal dystrophy (see this term) characterized by multiple small deposits in the superficial central corneal stroma, and progressive visual impairment, which may sometimes be severe.

Synonyms: GCDI, Corneal dystrophy Groenouw type I, Granular corneal dystrophy type 1, GCD1, Classic granular corneal dystrophy, Classic GCD

Term info

database cross reference
  • ICD-10:H18.5 (NTBT (narrower term maps to a broader term))
  • ICD-10:H18.5 (Attributed)
  • UMLS:C1641846 (E (exact mapping (the terms and the concepts are equivalent)))
  • OMIM:121900 (E (exact mapping (the terms and the concepts are equivalent)))

ICD-10:H18.5, OMIM:121900, UMLS:C1641846