A rare, genetic, parkinsonian disorder characterized by an age of onset between 21-45 years, rigidity, painful cramps followed by tremor, bradykinesia, dystonia, gait complaints and falls, and other non-motor symptoms. A slow disease progression and a more pronounced response to dopaminergic therapy are also observed in most forms of this disease.



Early-onset Parkinson disease

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Term information

database cross reference
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  • ICD-10:G20
  • OMIM:616840
  • OMIM:610297
  • OMIM:613643
  • OMIM:606852
  • OMIM:606324
  • OMIM:600116
  • OMIM:605909
  • OMIM:602404
  • OMIM:615528
  • OMIM:300557
has age of onset
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has inheritance
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has point prevalence range
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  • ORPHA:2828
part of
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