Duchenne and Becker muscular dystrophy

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A group of rare, genetic, progressive muscular dystrophies, including Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD), Becker muscular dystrophy (BMD) and a symptomatic form in female carriers. The diseases represent a spectrum of severity ranging from progressive skeletal and cardiac muscle wasting and weakness (DMD, BMD) to less severe muscle weakness or isolated cardiomyopathy affecting carrier females.

Synonyms: Severe dystrophinopathy, Duchenne and Becker type

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Term information

database cross reference
  • ICD-10:G71.0 (NTBT (ORPHA code's Narrower Term maps to a Broader Term))
  • UMLS:C0917713 (E (Exact mapping: the two concepts are equivalent))
  • UMLS:C3542021 (E (Exact mapping: the two concepts are equivalent))
  • ICD-10:G71.0 (Inclusion term (The ORPHA code is included under a ICD10 category and has not its own code))