46,XX gonadal dysgenesis (46,XX GD) is a primary ovarian defect leading to premature ovarian failure (POF; see this term) in otherwise normal 46,XX females as a result of failure of the gonads to develop or due to resistance to gonadotrophin stimulation.


Follicular stimulating hormone-resistant ovaries

46,XX ovarian dysgenesis

46,XX complete gonadal dysgenesis

46,XX pure gonadal dysgenesis


Hypergonadotropic ovarian dysgenesis


XX female gonadal dysgenesis

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Term information

database cross reference
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  • ICD-10:Q99.1
  • MeSH:D023961
  • UMLS:C0685837
  • OMIM:233300
  • OMIM:300510
  • OMIM:614324
  • ICD-11:LB45.1
  • OMIM:618723
  • UMLS:C0949595
  • OMIM:618078
  • OMIM:618117
has age of onset
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has inheritance
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has point prevalence range
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  • ORPHA:243
part of
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present in
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