The Oral Health and Disease Ontology

The Oral Health and Disease Ontology was created, initially, to represent the content of dental practice health records.

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Ontology ID: ohd
Version: 2016-06-27
Number of terms: 2745
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FMA version of 2015-01-24

Scripted extraction from FMA Protege frames version (partonomy-experiment :additional-assertions-fn #'additional-assertions-for-mouth :roots (cons fma::|Mucosa of mouth| (follow-parts fma::|Mucosa of mouth|)) :name "mucosa-mouth")


Titus Schleyer

Mei Song

Amit Acharya

Pedro Hernandez Cott

Dan Caplan

Melissa Haendel

Carlo Torniai


Status of this document: This is a work in progress and we do not yet make any promises about the stability of URIs. A known issue is that the upper level of this ontology is an exploratory version of BFO developed in the interim between when BFO 1 was current and before BFO 2 development started. The representation of the CDT codes is tentative - we are discussing this with the ADA. The integration between OBI and OGMS is not complete - we add some axioms here in order to use both in a consistent way. The version of the subject of the FMA used here is an automatic translation of a portion of the entities and relations present in the original FMA. Work is ongoing on improving this subset and using an up-to-date version of the FMA as its basis.

This version of the ontology has the imports merged and inferred-axioms added. The development version is at

The Oral Health and Disease Ontology is an ontology built to be compatible with the OBO Foundry ontologies, and is a collaboration between researchers at the University at Buffalo School of Dental Medicine, the University of Pittsburg School of Dental Medicine, and the Oregon Health and Science University. This ontology is licensed under the CC-BY License. Please see Attribution is satisfied by using the URIs defined in this file when using terms from this ontology.

This document was an early experimental prototype of bfo2, not blessed by the working group. It is archived because it was used by some projects. There was very little change other than ids relative to earlier versions of BFO, and ids used here will be used in the ultimate release

This ontology is in early development. Expect it to change.


Bill Duncan

American Dental Association; see

Alan Ruttenberg

Anand Kumar