A protein modification that effectively converts a glycine residue to glycine cholesterol ester. [ PubMed:11111088 https://proteininformationresource.org/cgi-bin/resid?id=AA0309 PubMed:8824192 Unimod:432#C-term ChEBI:143135 ]

Synonyms: glycine cholest-5-en-3beta-ol ester cholesteryl glycinate hedgehog lipophilic adduct glycine cholesterol ester LIPID Cholesterol glycine ester

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Term information

database cross reference
  • TermSpec: (C-term)
  • MassMono: (442.368505)
  • DiffFormula: (C 27 H 44 N 0 O 0)
  • DiffMono: (368.344301)
  • DiffAvg: (368.65)
  • UniProt: (PTM-0090)
  • Origin: (G)
  • Unimod: (Unimod:432)
  • Source: (natural)
  • MassAvg: (442.71)
  • Formula: (C 29 H 48 N 1 O 2)


Systematic name from RESID
glycine cholest-5-en-3beta-ol ester

Alternate name from RESID
hedgehog lipophilic adduct

Name from RESID
glycine cholesterol ester

Protein feature description from UniProtKB
LIPID Cholesterol glycine ester

Alternate name from RESID
cholesteryl glycinate


Incidental to RESID:AA0060. Unimod origin corrected [JSG].

has related synonym

cholesterol ester




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