A protein modification that effectively converts an L-glutamic acid residue to isoglutamyl-polyglutamic acid, forming an isopeptide bond with a polyglutamic acid. [ https://proteininformationresource.org/cgi-bin/resid?id=AA0202 PubMed:1680872 PubMed:10747868 ]

Synonyms: L-isoglutamyl-polyglutamic acid gamma-glutamylpolyglutamic acid

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Term information

database cross reference
  • Origin: (E)
  • TermSpec: (none)
  • UniProt: (PTM-0395)
  • Source: (natural)
Alternate name from RESID
gamma-glutamylpolyglutamic acid

Name from RESID
L-isoglutamyl-polyglutamic acid



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