Minimum Information for A Phylogenetic Analysis (MIAPA) Ontology

The MIAPA ontology is intended to be an application ontology for the purpose of semantic annotation of phylogenetic data according to the requirements and recommendations of the Minimum Information for A Phylogenetic Analysis (MIAPA) metadata reporting standard. The ontology leverages (imports) primarily from the CDAO (Comparative Data Analysis Ontology), PROV (W3C Provenance Ontology), and SWO (Software Ontology, which includes the EDAM ontologies) ontologies. It adds some assertions of its own, as well as some classes and individuals that may eventually get pushed down into one of the respective source ontologies. This ontology is maintained at, and requests for changes or additions should be filed at the issue tracker there. The discussion list is at Further resources about MIAPA can be found at the project's main page at

Ontology information

Ontology ID: miapa
Version: 09-05-2017
Number of terms: 231
Last loaded: Sun Aug 16 19:56:32 BST 2020


Phylotastic Tree Annotation Team

Hilmar Lapp