fluorescent resonance energy transfer

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FRET is a quantum mechanical process involving the radiationless transfer of energy from a donor fluorophore to an appropriately positioned acceptor fluorophore. The fluorophores are genetically fused to the protein in analysis and cotransfected. Three basic conditions must be fulfilled for FRET to occur between a donor molecule and acceptor molecule. First, the donor emission spectrum must significantly overlap the absorption spectrum of the acceptor. Second, the distance between the donor and acceptor fluorophores must fall within the range 20 to 100 Angstrom. Third, the donor and acceptor fluorophores must be in favourable orientations. [ http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/11558993 ]

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  • FRET analysis
  • FRET
  • fret
  • RET
  • MI:0055

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