Molecular Interactions Controlled Vocabulary

A structured controlled vocabulary for the annotation of experiments concerned with protein-protein interactions.

Ontology info

Ontology id: mi
Version: 07-12-2018
Number of terms: 1534
Last loaded: Fri Dec 07 07:17:25 GMT 2018


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OBO-Edit 2.3.1


short labels are reported as PSI-MI-short synonyms that are created when a term is more than 20 characteres long.

The PSI MI schema defines short labels for controlled vocabulary terms

Each of the top level terms in this file is the root term of an independent controlled vocabulary

The last accession number used in this file is stored in a separate file,

The maintenance of this file is ensured by Sandra Orchard orchard@ebi.ac.uk and Luisa Montecchi Palazzi luisa@ebi.ac.uk

publisher: This file is published by the PSI MI working group see http://psidev.info/MI

coverage: This file collect controlled vocabularies describing different aspects of molecular interactions.

mapping an element of the PSI Molecular Interaction XML schema.

psi-mi.lastac. It MUST be updated when this file is updated.


formalized in a mapping file available at http://www.psidev.info/files/validator/xml/MI-CVMapping.xml.

The correct use of these vocabularies in the PSI Molecular Interaction XML schema is

CVversion: 2.5.5