Infectious Disease Ontology

A set of interoperable ontologies that will together provide coverage of the infectious disease domain. IDO core is the upper-level ontology that hosts terms of general relevance across the domain, while extension ontologies host terms to specific to a particular part of the domain.

Ontology information

Ontology ID: ido
Version: 2017-11-03
Number of terms: 518
Last loaded: Sun Aug 16 13:23:07 BST 2020




Albert Goldfain

Barry Smith

Lindsay Cowell

Alan Ruttenberg

Bjoern Peters

Alexander Diehl


Jie Zheng


The core Infectious Disease Ontology is an ontology of entities generally relevant to both the biomedical and clinical aspects of infectious diseases, including terms such as 'pathogen', 'host', 'vector', and 'vaccine'. The structure of IDO adheres to the Basic Formal Ontology. Terms in IDO that are within the scope of other OBO Foundry ontologies, such as the Gene Ontology, are derived from those ontologies. Other terms are defined as cross-products of terms from Foundry ontologies to the extent possible. For more information, see