Information Artifact Ontology (IAO)

The Information Artifact Ontology (IAO) is an ontology of information entities, originally driven by work by the OBI digital entity and realizable information entity branch.

Ontology information

Ontology ID: iao
Version: 2020-12-09
Number of terms: 258
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Albert Goldfain

Barry Smith

Gwen Frishkoff

James Malone

Satya Sahoo

Werner Ceusters

Darren Natale

Sivaram Arabandi

Adam Goldstein

Pat Hayes

William Hogan

Yongqun (Oliver) He

Melanie Courtot

Paolo Ciccarese

James A. Overton

William Duncan

Ron Rudnicki

Carlo Torniai

Jonathan Rees

Chris Mungall

Mathias Brochhausen

Christian A. Boelling

David Osumi-Sutherland

Bjoern Peters

Philippe Rocca-Serra

Chris Stoeckert

Jie Zheng

Michel Dumontier

Lawrence Hunter

Larisa Soldatova

Alan Ruttenberg

Holger Stenzhorn

Randy Dipert

Matt Brush

Jennifer Fostel


IDs allocated to subdomains of IAO. pno.owl: IAO_0020000-IAO_0020999, d-acts.owl: IAO_0021000-IAO_0021999

An information artifact is, loosely, a dependent continuant or its bearer that is created as the result of one or more intentional processes. Examples: uniprot, the english language, the contents of this document or a printout of it, the temperature measurements from a weather balloon. For more information, see the project home page at

IDs allocated to related efforts: PNO: IAO_0020000-IAO_0020999, D_ACTS: IAO_0021000-IAO_0021999