Food-Biomarker Ontology

FOBI (Food-Biomarker Ontology) is an ontology to represent food intake data and associate it with metabolomic data

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FOBI (Food-Biomarker Ontology) is composed of two interconnected sub-ontologies. One is a ”Food Ontology” consisting of raw foods and multiple-ingredient foods while the second is a ”Biomarker Ontology” containing food intake biomarkers classified by their chemical classes. These two sub-ontologies are conceptually independent but interconnected by different properties. This allows data and information regarding foods and food biomarkers to be visualized in a bidirectional way, going from metabolomics to nutritional data or vice versa. Potential applications of this ontology include the annotation of foods and biomarkers using a well-defined and consistent nomenclature, the standardized reporting of metabolomics workflows (e.g. metabolite identification, experimental design), or the application of different enrichment analysis approaches to analyze nutrimetabolomic data.


Raúl González Domínguez

Damion Dooley


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