EuPathDB ontology

An ontology is developed to support Eukaryotic Pathogen Database Bioinformatics Resource Center sites (EuPathDB; http://eupathdb.org).

Ontology info

Ontology id: eupath
Version: 2018-05-09
Number of terms: 1233
Last loaded: Wed Jul 11 15:40:40 BST 2018


Cristian Cocos

Chris Stoeckert

Jie Zheng


The EuPath ontology is an application ontology developed to encode our understanding of what data is about in the public resources developed and maintained by the Eukaryotic Pathogen Database Bioinformatics Resource Center (EuPathDB; http://eupathdb.org). The EuPath ontology was built based on the Ontology of Biomedical Investigations (OBI) with integration of other OBO ontologies such as PATO, OGMS, DO, etc. as needed for coverage. Currently the EuPath ontology is primarily intended to be used for support of the EuPathDB sites. Terms with EuPath ontology IDs that are not specific to EuPathDB will be submitted to OBO Foundry ontologies for subsequent import and replacement of those terms when they are available.