extrinsic allergic alveolitis

^ http://www.ebi.ac.uk/efo/EFO_1001321

A common interstitial lung disease caused by hypersensitivity reactions of PULMONARY ALVEOLI after inhalation of and sensitization to environmental antigens of microbial, animal, or chemical sources. The disease is characterized by lymphocytic alveolitis and granulomatous pneumonitis. [ http://www.ebi.ac.uk/ontology/webulous#OPPL_pattern ]

An inflammatory interstitial lung disease caused by hypersensitivity reaction to inhalation or ingestion of antigens. The antigens are usually related to the patient's occupation. It can present as an acute illness with flu-like symptoms, subacute with repeated episodes of pneumonia, or chronic with dyspnea and productive cough. The majority of patients recover following the cessation of the exposure to the antigen that causes the disease. Chronic exposure may eventually progress to interstitial lung fibrosis. [ NCIT:C34369 ]

Synonyms: hypersensitivity pneumonitis, allergic pneumonitis, extrinsic allergic alveolitis, allergic form of pneumonitis, Alveolitis, Extrinsic Allergic, alveolitis

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database cross reference
  • NCIt:C34369 (http://www.ebi.ac.uk/ontology/webulous#OPPL_pattern)
  • COHD:444084 (MONDO:equivalentTo)
  • MESH:D000542 (MONDO:equivalentTo)
  • MedDRA:10015887 (http://www.ebi.ac.uk/ontology/webulous#OPPL_pattern)
  • ICD9:495 (DOID:841)
  • MSH:D000542 (http://www.ebi.ac.uk/ontology/webulous#OPPL_pattern)
  • DOID:841 (http://www.ebi.ac.uk/ontology/webulous#OPPL_pattern)
  • NCIT:C34369 (MONDO:equivalentTo)
  • ICD9:495.9 (MONDO:relatedTo)
  • SNOMEDCT:37471005 (http://www.ebi.ac.uk/ontology/webulous#OPPL_pattern)
  • DOID:841 (MONDO:equivalentTo)
  • ICD9:495 (http://www.ebi.ac.uk/ontology/webulous#OPPL_pattern)
  • ICD10:J67.9 (DOID:841)

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