Noninflammatory degenerative disease of the hip joint which usually appears in late middle or old age. It is characterized by growth or maturational disturbances in the femoral neck and head, as well as acetabular dysplasia. A dominant symptom is pain on weight-bearing or motion. [ MESH : D015207 ]


osteoarthritis of the hip

Osteoarthritis Of Hips


Hip Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis Of Hip

Osteoarthritides, Hip

osteoarthritis, hip

Hip Osteoarthritides


hip osteoarthritis

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Term information

database cross reference
  • MeSH:D015207
  • ICD10:M16
  • UMLS:C0029410 (NCIT:C34876)
  • MONDO:0006629
  • MESH:D015207 (MONDO:equivalentTo)
  • NCIT:C34876 (MONDO:equivalentTo)
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  • EFO:1000786
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  • Sirarat Sarntivijai