A biologic subset of breast carcinoma defined by high expression of HER2, GRB7, and TRAP100, and by lack of expression of estrogen receptor (ER). [ NCIT : C53556 ]


Her2-receptor positive breast cancer

ERBB2 Overexpressing subtype of breast carcinoma

HER2 positive breast carcinoma

HER2 Overexpressing breast carcinoma

HER2 Overexpressing subtype of breast carcinoma

HER2 Positive breast cancer

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Term information

database cross reference
  • DOID:0060079 (MONDO:equivalentTo)
  • NCIT:C53556 (exact-label-match)
  • EFO:1000294 (MONDO:equivalentTo)
  • NCIT:C53556 (MONDO:exact-label-match)
  • SCTID:427685000 (MONDO:equivalentTo)
  • UMLS:C1960398 (NCIT:C53556)
  • MONDO:0006244
  • http://purl.obolibrary.org/obo/DOID_0060079
  • http://purl.obolibrary.org/obo/NCIT_C53556
  • http://identifiers.org/snomedct/427685000
  • http://linkedlifedata.com/resource/umls/id/C1960398
gwas trait
  • true
  • EFO:1000294