PEO1 is an adherent cell line derived from a malignant effusion from the peritoneal ascites of a patient with a poorly differentiated serous adenocarcinoma. The patient previously received cisplatin, 5-fluorouracil and chlorambucil treatment. PEO1 is tumourigenic in immunologically-deprived CBA mice. PEO1 exhibits good growth in semi-solid medium (agar). PEO1 is from the same patient as the PEO4 and PEO6 cell lines (Sigma Catalogue numbers 10032309 & 10032310).This cell line is one of nine from the PE ovarian adenocarcinoma panel (derived from 4 patients at varying stages of ovarian cancer, isolated from various malignant sites, and at various treatment stages) available at ECACC which provides a model system for research into the mechanism of oestrogen action on ovarian adenocarcinoma tumour cells, and for the study of efficacy and toxicity of oestrogen protagonists. (Sigma-Aldrich catalog number 10032308)

Synonyms: PE01

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