internal carotid artery stenosis

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Carotid stenosis is a narrowing or constriction of the inner surface (lumen) of the carotid artery, usually caused by atherosclerosis. The internal carotid artery supplies the brain. Plaque often builds up at that division, and causes a narrowing (stenosis). Pieces of plaque can break off and block the small arteries above in the brain, which causes a stroke. Plaque can also build up at the origin of the carotid artery at the aorta.

Synonyms: ICA - Internal carotid artery stenosis, Internal carotid artery stenosis (disorder)

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Internal carotid artery stenosis (disorder)[accessedResource: SNOMEDCT:233964008][accessDate: 05-04-2011], ICA - Internal carotid artery stenosis[accessedResource: SNOMEDCT:233964008][accessDate: 05-04-2011]

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