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that colonize human blood vessels and release eggs that can cause granulomatous reactions leading to acute (swimmer's itch or acute schistosomiasis syndrome) or chronic disease. Depending on where the eggs lodge, manifestations of chronic schistosomiasis can include diarrhea, abdominal pain, loss of appetite, anemia (intestines), hepatosplenism, periportal fibrosis with portal hypertension (liver), urogenital inflammation and scarring, hematuria and dysuria (genitourinary system). Other patients may be asymptomatic. [ Orphanet:1247 ]

Infection with flukes (trematodes) of the genus SCHISTOSOMA. Three species produce the most frequent clinical diseases: SCHISTOSOMA HAEMATOBIUM (endemic in Africa and the Middle East),SCHISTOSOMA MANSONI (in Egypt, northern and southern Africa, some West Indies islands, northern 2/3 of South America), and SCHISTOSOMA JAPONICUM (in Japan, China, the Philippines, Celebes, Thailand, Laos). S. mansoni is often seen in Puerto Ricans living in the United States. [ http://www.ebi.ac.uk/ontology/webulous#OPPL_pattern ]

Synonyms: snail fever, Bilharziasis, Bilharzia, bilharziasis, schistosomiasis, Katayama Fever

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  • ICD10:B65.3 (Orphanet:1247)
  • GARD:0009687 (MONDO:equivalentTo)
  • UMLS:C0036323 (Orphanet:1247)
  • SCTID:10087007 (MONDO:kboom-pr-1.00/0.75/7.35)
  • Orphanet:1247 (MONDO:equivalentTo)
  • NCIt:C35000
  • MedDRA:10039603 (Orphanet:1247)
  • NCIT:C35000 (exact-label-match)
  • ICD10:B65.0 (Orphanet:1247)
  • ICD9:120.8 (i2s)
  • DOID:1395 (MONDO:equivalentTo)
  • MONDO:0015254
  • ICD10:B65.9 (Orphanet:1247)
  • ICD10:B65.1 (Orphanet:1247)
  • MSH:D012552 (http://www.ebi.ac.uk/ontology/webulous#OPPL_pattern)
  • ICD10:B65.2 (Orphanet:1247)
  • ICD10:B65
  • ICD9:120.9 (i2s)
  • ICD10:B65.8 (Orphanet:1247)
  • Wikipedia:Schistosomiasis (http://www.ebi.ac.uk/ontology/webulous#OPPL_pattern)
  • MESH:D012552 (Orphanet:1247)



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