The presence of a cleft in the oral cavity, the two main types of which are cleft lip and cleft palate. In cleft lip, there is the congenital failure of the maxillary and median nasal processes to fuse, forming a groove or fissure in the lip. In cleft palate, there is a congenital failure of the palate to fuse properly, forming a grooved depression or fissure in the roof of the mouth. Clefts of the lip and palate can occur individually or together. It is preferable to code each defect separately. [ HPO:probinson ]

Synonyms: Cleft of the mouth Oral clefting

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  • SNOMEDCT_US:66948001
  • UMLS:C4021813
  • ICD10:Q37
  • SNOMEDCT_US:253983005
  • UMLS:C0158646
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Cleft lip, cleft palate

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Cleft lip/palate



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