A quality is an entity that describes some aspect which is intrinsic to that particular object and is dependent on or more material entities in which it inheres in or is borne by. Example the color of a tomato, the ambient temperature of air, the circumference of a waist, the shape of a nose, the mass of a piece of gold, the weight of a chimpanzee

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  • NCIt:C25283
  • SNOMEDCT:263496004
  • http://www.ebi.ac.uk/efo/EFO_0001436
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  • http://www.ifomis.org/bfo/1.1/snap#Quality
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  • A specifically dependent continuant [snap:SpecificallyDependentContinuant] that is exhibited if it inheres in an entity or entities at all (a categorical property).
term editor
  • James Malone

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