liver disease

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A disease involving the liver. [ MONDO:DesignPattern ]

Synonyms: disorder of liver (disorder), Disease of liver, liver disorder antepartum, Liver disorder in pregnancy - delivered (disorder), LIVER DIS, Liver and Intrahepatic Bile Duct Disorder, Liver disorder in pregnancy (disorder), Liver Dysfunction, Liver disorder in pregnancy NOS (disorder), Liver disorder in pregnancy, with delivery, [X]Diseases of the liver (disorder), Unspecified disorder of liver, disease of the liver (disorder), disease or disorder of liver, liver disease or disorder, Liver Disorder, disease of liver, disorder of liver, disease of liver [Ambiguous], Liver disorder NOS, Liver disorder in pregnancy unspecified (disorder), liver disease, Liver Dysfunctions, Liver disorder in pregnancy, Hepatopathy, Dysfunction, Liver, [X]Diseases of the liver, Disease, Liver, hepatic disorder, Dysfunctions, Liver, Diseases, Liver, liver disorder in pregnancy - delivered, liver and intrahepatic bile duct disorder, Disorder of liver, Liver disorder NOS (disorder), liver disorder, Liver Diseases, LD - Liver disease, hepatic disease, Liver disorder in pregnancy, unspecified as to episode of care

Term info

database cross reference
  • UMLS:C0023895 (MONDO:equivalentTo)
  • DOID:409 (MONDO:equivalentTo)
  • SNOMEDCT:15230009
  • MSH:D008107
  • SNOMEDCT:199117000
  • ICD10:K75
  • NCIt:C3196
  • SCTID:235856003 (MONDO:kboom-pr-0.96/0.92/0.38)
  • NCIt:C50634
  • ICD10:K76
  • ICD9:573.8 (i2s)
  • SNOMEDCT:235856003
  • MONDO:0005154
  • ICD10:K76.9 (DOID:409)
  • ICD10:K70-K77 (DOID:409)
  • NCIT:C3196 (MONDO:equivalentTo)
  • ICD9:573.9 (i2s)
  • COHD:194984 (MONDO:equivalentTo)
  • MESH:D008107 (MONDO:ontobio)

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disorder of liver



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James Malone