The Drug Ontology

An ontology to support comparative effectiveness researchers studying claims data.

Ontology info

Ontology id: dron
Version: 16-12-2016
Number of terms: 434662
Last loaded: Fri Dec 16 15:18:55 GMT 2016




Mathias Brochhausen

Eric Joseph

Josh Hanna

William Hogan


An ontology of drugs.

DrOn contains content developed by the National Library of Medicine in RxNorm. In creating DrOn, we have used RxNorm content only with SAB = RXNORM.

When citing DrOn, use the permanent URL of the ontology: http://purl.obolibrary.org/obo/dron.owl. When referencing a specific component of the DrOn, such as a class, object property, annotation property, or individual, use the Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) of that component.