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These cells are CD1a-negative, CD1b-positive, CD11a-positive, CD11c-positive, CD13-positive, CD14-negative, CD20-negative, CD21-negative, CD33-positive, CD40-negative, CD50-positive, CD54-positive, CD58-positive, CD68-negative, CD80-negative, CD83-negative, CD85j-positive, CD86-positive, CD89-negative, CD95-positive, CD120a-negative, CD120b-positive, CD123-negative, CD178-negative, CD206-negative, CD207-negative, CD209-negative, and TNF-alpha-negative. Upon TLR stimulation, they are capable of producing high levels of TNF-alpha, IL-6, CXCL8 (IL-8).


A dendritic cell of the myeloid lineage.

has broad synonym

interdigitating cell

veiled cell

has exact synonym

CD11c+CD123- DC