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  • Unlike macroglial cells, microglial cells arise from hematopoietic stem cells in the yolk sac during early embryogenesis that populate the central nervous system. They derive from embryonic mesoderm and are not from neuroectoderm where glioblast develops from. Markers: Mouse: CD11b+, F4/80+, CD68+. They represent ~12% of the cells in the CNS, but they are not uniformly distributed within the CNS. A normal adult mouse brain has approximately 3.5x10e6 microglia. Microglia are also reportedly CD3-negative, CD4-positive, CD8-negative, CD11b-positive, CD11c-high, CD14-negative, CD19-negative, CD45-low, CD56-negative, CD163-negative, CD200R-positive, CD281-positive, CD282-positive, CD283-positive, CD284-positive, CD285-positive, CD286-positive, CD287-positive, CD288-positive, CD289-positive, Gr1-negative, nestin-positive, and PU.1-positive.
  • A central nervous system macrophage found in the parenchyma of the central nervous system. Marker include CD11b-positive, F4/80-positive, and CD68-positive.
has broad synonym
  • brain macrophage
has exact synonym
  • brain-resident macrophage
  • microgliocyte
  • microglia
  • hortega cells
has related synonym
  • MF.microglia.CNS
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