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A motor neuron disease that is characterized by muscle spasticity, rapidly progressive weakness due to muscle atrophy, difficulty in speaking, swallowing, and breathing. [ url:http://www.ninds.nih.gov/disorders/amyotrophiclateralsclerosis/detail_ALS.htm http://purl.obolibrary.org/obo/ECO_0007638 url:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amyotrophic_lateral_sclerosis ]

Synonyms: ALS motor neuron disease, bulbar Lou Gehrig's disease

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Term information

database cross reference
  • OMIM:PS105400
  • GARD:5786
  • ICD10CM:G12.21
  • ICD9CM:335.20
  • NCI:C34373
  • SNOMEDCT_US_2020_09_01:86044005
  • KEGG:05014
  • ORDO:803
  • UMLS_CUI:C0002736
  • MESH:D000690
  • EFO:0000253

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