A blood cell progenitor or mother cell representing a slightly later stage than the blast cell; it has the capacity for both replication and differentiation, and has pluripotentiality, giving rise to precursors of various different blood cell lines, such as the proerythrocyte and myeloblast, which cannot self-replicate and must differentiate into more mature daughter cells. [ Dorlands_Medical_Dictionary : MerckSource ]

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Term information

blutbildende Stammzelle
has obo namespace
  • BrendaTissueOBO
has related synonym
  • hematopoietic precursor cell
  • HSC cell
  • hemopoietic progenitor cell
  • hematopoietic progenitor cell
  • HSC
  • CFU-S
  • blutbildende Stammzelle
  • hemopoietic stem cell
  • colony forming unit spleen
  • progenitor cell
  • BTO:0000725