Biological Collections Ontology

An ontology to support the interoperability of biodiversity data, including data on museum collections, environmental/metagenomic samples, and ecological surveys.

Ontology information

Ontology ID: bco
Version: 2020-03-27
Number of terms: 350
Last loaded: Fri Aug 14 17:13:46 BST 2020


Robert Guralnick

Biocode Commons Ontology Hackathon members

John Deck

Barry Smith

John Wieczorek

Ramona Walls


This is the editor's version of the ontology. Use with caution. For the live version of the ontology, use The Biological Collections Ontology was originally created at the Biocode Commons Hackathon at GSC14. Older versions can be viewed at Some of the classes in this ontology may be replaced by existing or newly requested terms from OBI or other ontologies.


The Biological Collections Ontology