Data collections annotation

List of the data collection(s) which can be used to annotate a event in SBML:

BINDBIND is a database of protein-protein interactions. This data-resource is not open-access.
Enzyme NomenclatureThe Enzyme Classification contains the recommendations of the Nomenclature Committee of the International Union of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology on the nomenclature and classification of enzyme-catalysed reactions.
Gene OntologyThe Gene Ontology project provides a controlled vocabulary to describe gene and gene product attributes in any organism.
IntActIntAct provides a freely available, open source database system and analysis tools for protein interaction data.
KEGG PathwayKEGG PATHWAY is a collection of manually drawn pathway maps representing our knowledge on the molecular interaction and reaction networks.
KEGG ReactionKEGG reaction contains our knowledge on the universe of reactions that are relevant to life.
Molecular Interactions OntologyThe Molecular Interactions (MI) ontology forms a structured controlled vocabulary for the annotation of experiments concerned with protein-protein interactions. MI is developed by the HUPO Proteomics Standards Initiative.
ReactomeThe Reactome project is a collaboration to develop a curated resource of core pathways and reactions in human biology.
SABIO-RK EC RecordSABIO-RK is a relational database system that contains information about biochemical reactions, their kinetic equations with their parameters, and the experimental conditions under which these parameters were measured. The EC record provides for a given enzyme classification (EC) the associated list of enzyme-catalysed reactions and their corresponding kinetic data.
Systems Biology OntologyThe goal of the Systems Biology Ontology is to develop controlled vocabularies and ontologies tailored specifically for the kinds of problems being faced in Systems Biology, especially in the context of computational modeling. SBO is a project of the effort.