Data collection: Enzyme Nomenclature

Here are some possible annotations using this data collection. These are classified by format (like SBML, CellML or BioPAX) and show the element(s) (tags for XML based formats) which can have a MIRIAM URI -using the current data collection- to bring extra knowledge about the entity described.


  • event (An event describes the time and form of explicit instantaneous discontinuous state changes in the model.)
  • reaction (A reaction represents any transformation, transport or binding process, typically a chemical reaction, that can change the quantity of one or more species.)
  • rule (Rules provide additional ways to define the values of variables in a model, their relationships, and the dynamical behaviors of those variables. Rules enable the encoding of relationships that cannot be expressed using reactions alone nor by the assignment of an initial value to a variable in a model.)
  • species (A species refers to a pool of reacting entities of a specific species type that take part in reactions and are located in a specific compartment.)


  • component (Components are the smallest functional units in a model. Each component may contain variables that represent the key properties of the component and/or mathematics that describe the behaviour of the portion of the system represented by that component.)
  • reaction (Reactions elements are used to provide chemical and biochemical context for the equations describing a reaction. It is recommended that only one <reaction> element appear in any <component> element.)


  • catalysis (A catalysis is a control interaction in which a physical entity (a catalyst) increases the rate of a conversion interaction by lowering its activation energy.)

Annotation information for MIRIAM Registry purpose only. For complete details about an element of a specific format, please always refer to the official specifications.

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