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BioProject BioProject provides an organizational framework to access metadata about research projects and the data from the projects that are deposited into different databases. It provides information about a project’s scope, material, objectives, funding source and general relevance categories.
BioSample The BioSample Database stores information about biological samples used in molecular experiments, such as sequencing, gene expression or proteomics. It includes reference samples, such as cell lines, which are repeatedly used in experiments. Accession numbers for the reference samples will be exchanged with a similar database at NCBI, and DDBJ (Japan). Record access may be affected due to different release cycles and inter-institutional synchronisation.
CharProt CharProt is a database of biochemically characterized proteins designed to support automated annotation pipelines. Entries are annotated with gene name, symbol and various controlled vocabulary terms, including Gene Ontology terms, Enzyme Commission number and TransportDB accession.
GOA The GOA (Gene Ontology Annotation) project provides high-quality Gene Ontology (GO) annotations to proteins in the UniProt Knowledgebase (UniProtKB) and International Protein Index (IPI). This involves electronic annotation and the integration of high-quality manual GO annotation from all GO Consortium model organism groups and specialist groups.
GOLD metadata The GOLD (Genomes OnLine Database)is a resource for centralized monitoring of genome and metagenome projects worldwide. It stores information on complete and ongoing projects, along with their associated metadata. This collection references metadata associated with samples.
HAMAP HAMAP is a system that identifies and semi-automatically annotates proteins that are part of well-conserved and orthologous microbial families or subfamilies. These are used to build rules which are used to propagate annotations to member bacterial, archaeal and plastid-encoded protein entries.
Rat Genome Database Rat Genome Database seeks to collect, consolidate, and integrate rat genomic and genetic data with curated functional and physiological data and make these data widely available to the scientific community. This collection references genes.
RefSeq The Reference Sequence (RefSeq) collection aims to provide a comprehensive, integrated, non-redundant set of sequences, including genomic DNA, transcript (RNA), and protein products.

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