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Please fill this form in order to submit a new data collection to the Registry. Alternatively, you can contact us with your query.

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The new data collection will not be directly publicly available after you pressed the Submit button. A curator will first check it and if necessary correct and complete it before publishing it.


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Information about the new data collection

First you need to enter the name of the data collection you want to add to the database. After you can add as many synonym(s) as you want.

Name and synonyms 
Primary name: 

Here is some information about the data collection: definition and regular expression (i.e. pattern for identifiers of elements, following the PERL style).

Definition and pattern 
Identifier pattern: 

In this part, you need to suggest a namespace for this data collection. The namespace is a short string of characters identifying the data collection in URIs. If you are aware of an older forms still in use, you can add deprecated ones.

Suggested namespace: 

Here, you need to add all the physical addresses of the resources where one can access the information provided by the data collection.

#1:  Access URL:  $id
Example of identifier: 

Finally, if you know some pieces of documentation about the data collection (publication, paper, chapter, web sites, ...) you can put them here.

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