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Japan Chemical Substance Dictionary jcsd The Japan Chemical Substance Dictionary is an organic compound dictionary database prepared by the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST).
Japan Collection of Microorganisms jcm The Japan Collection of Microorganisms (JCM) collects, catalogues, and distributes cultured microbial strains, restricted to those classified in Risk Group 1 or 2.
restricted logoJAX Mice jaxmice JAX Mice is a catalogue of mouse strains supplied by the Jackson Laboratory.
JCGGDB jcggdb JCGGDB (Japan Consortium for Glycobiology and Glycotechnology DataBase) is a database that aims to integrate all glycan-related data held in various repositories in Japan. This includes databases for large-quantity synthesis of glycogenes and glycans, analysis and detection of glycan structure and glycoprotein, glycan-related differentiation markers, glycan functions, glycan-related diseases and transgenic and knockout animals, etc.
JRC Data Catalogue eu89h The JRC Data Catalogue gives access to the multidisciplinary data produced and maintained by the Joint Research Centre, the European Commission's in-house science service providing independent scientific advice and support to policies of the European Union.
JSTOR jstor JSTOR (Journal Storage) is a digital library containing digital versions of historical academic journals, as well as books, pamphlets and current issues of journals. Some public domain content is free to access, while other articles require registration.
JWS Online jws JWS Online is a repository of curated biochemical pathway models, and additionally provides the ability to run simulations of these models in a web browser.
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