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Recommended name APID Interactomes
Alternative name(s)
  • Agile Protein Interactomes DataServer
Description APID (Agile Protein Interactomes DataServer) provides information on the protein interactomes of numerous organisms, based on the integration of known experimentally validated protein-protein physical interactions (PPIs). Interactome data includes a report on quality levels and coverage over the proteomes for each organism included. APID integrates PPIs from primary databases of molecular interactions (BIND, BioGRID, DIP, HPRD, IntAct, MINT) and also from experimentally resolved 3D structures (PDB) where more than two distinct proteins have been identified. This collection references protein interactors, through a UniProt identifier.
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Registry identifierMIR:00000576

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Namespace apid.interactions
Compact Identifier apid.interactions:{accession number}
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Description APID at Salamanca
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Institution Cancer Research Center (CiC-IBMCC), Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC) and Universidad de Salamanca (USAL), Salamanca, Spain