Data collection: NITE Biological Research Center Catalogue

microbial strain

General information

Recommended name NITE Biological Research Center Catalogue
Alternative name(s)
  • NBRC Catalogue
Description NITE Biological Research Center (NBRC) provides a collection of microbial resources, performing taxonomic characterization of individual microorganisms such as bacteria including actinomycetes and archaea, yeasts, fungi, algaes, bacteriophages and DNA resources for academic research and industrial applications. A catalogue is maintained which states strain nomenclature, synonyms, and culture and sequence information.
Identifier pattern^\d+$
Registry identifierMIR:00000179

Identification schemes

Namespace nbrc
Compact Identifier nbrc:{accession number}
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Physical locations (resources)

Description NBRC Catalogue at National Institute of Technology Evaluation
Access URLs HTML   (using the example identifier: 00001234)
Institution National Institute of Technology Evaluation, Tokyo, Japan