Data collection: LIPID MAPS

structure taxonomy lipid

General information

Recommended name LIPID MAPS
Alternative name(s)
  • LMSD
Description The LIPID MAPS Lipid Classification System is comprised of eight lipid categories, each with its own subclassification hierarchy. All lipids in the LIPID MAPS Structure Database (LMSD) have been classified using this system and have been assigned LIPID MAPS ID's which reflects their position in the classification hierarchy.
Identifier pattern^LM(FA|GL|GP|SP|ST|PR|SL|PK)[0-9]{4}([0-9a-zA-Z]{4,6})?$
Registry identifierMIR:00000052

Identification schemes

Namespace lipidmaps
Compact Identifier lipidmaps:{accession number}
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Physical locations (resources)

Description Department of Bioengineering and the San Diego Supercomputer Center
Access URLs HTML   (using the example identifier: LMPR0102010012)
Institution University of California, San Diego, USA