Data collection: LINCS Small Molecule


General information

Recommended name LINCS Small Molecule
Description The Library of Network-Based Cellular Signatures (LINCS) Program aims to create a network-based understanding of biology by cataloging changes in gene expression and other cellular processes that occur when cells are exposed to a variety of perturbing agents. The LINCS small molecule collection is used as perturbagens in LINCS experiments. The small molecule metadata includes substance-specific batch information provided by each LINCS Data and Signature Generation Center (DSGC).
Identifier pattern^LSM-\d+$
Registry identifierMIR:00000546

Identification schemes

Namespace lincs.smallmolecule
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Physical locations (resources)

Description LINCS Portal
Access URLs HTML   (using the example identifier: LSM-6306)
Institution University of Miami, BD2K-LINCS DCIC, USA, USA