Data collection: JCGGDB

protein structure lipid polysaccharide

General information

Recommended name JCGGDB
Alternative name(s)
  • Japan Consortium for Glycobiology and Glycotechnology DataBase
Description JCGGDB (Japan Consortium for Glycobiology and Glycotechnology DataBase) is a database that aims to integrate all glycan-related data held in various repositories in Japan. This includes databases for large-quantity synthesis of glycogenes and glycans, analysis and detection of glycan structure and glycoprotein, glycan-related differentiation markers, glycan functions, glycan-related diseases and transgenic and knockout animals, etc.
Identifier pattern^JCGG-STR\d{6}$
Registry identifierMIR:00000479

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Namespace jcggdb
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Physical locations (resources)

Description JCGGDB at Advanced Science Institute (Japan)
Access URLs HTML   (using the example identifier: JCGG-STR008690)
Institution Advanced Science Institute(ASI), Chemical Biology Department Systems Glycobiology research Group, Saitama, Japan