Data collection: ViPR Strain

General information

Recommended name ViPR Strain
Alternative name(s)
  • Virus Pathogen Resource Strain
Description The Virus Pathogen Database and Analysis Resource (ViPR) supports bioinformatics workflows for a broad range of human virus pathogens and other related viruses. It provides access to sequence records, gene and protein annotations, immune epitopes, 3D structures, and host factor data. This collection references viral strain information.
Identifier pattern^[A-Za-z 0-9]+$
Registry identifierMIR:00000407

Identification schemes

Namespace vipr
Alternative URI schemes  
  • urn:miriam:vipr

Physical locations (resources)

Description ViPR Strain at J. Craig Venter Institute
Access URLs HTML   (using the example identifier: BeAn 70563)
Institution J. Craig Venter Institute, San Diego, California, USA