Data collection: Science Signaling Pathway

WARNING: this data collection has been deprecated!
WARNING: this data collection has been deprecated! As of June 2015, this data collection has been archived by the data provider. Archived data is available here. For further information, please see this page. We recommend usage of the following data collection for pathway related annotation and referencing REACTOME.

General information

Recommended name Science Signaling Pathway Collection has restriction(s) logo
Description The Database of Cell Signaling (Science Signaling) contains information on signaling components and their relations. The data are organized into signaling pathways called Connections Maps and are provided by leading authorities in the field. This collection refers to pathway information.
Identifier pattern^CMP_\d+$
Registry identifierMIR:00000311

Identification schemes

Namespace sciencesignaling.path
Alternative URI schemes  

Physical locations (resources)

Description Science Signaling: Pathway at Science Magazine
Access URLs HTML   (using the example identifier: CMP_18019)
Institution Science Mag, Washington DC, USA